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perlu jewellery in SO:ME Space at South Melbourne Market

We talked with Chris Baker about his jewellery label perlu.

Tell us a bit about perlu. What makes your label unique? 

perlu offers a different concept in jewellery and accessories. We are influenced by global trends to produce our range of fashion forward pieces – chic contemporary classics to fun quirky styles, with a hint of the unexpected. Our products are individually crafted with attention to detail to ensure they maintain an exclusive quality with an air of timelessness, that is now and the future.

perlu’s jewellery’s “signature” range utilises sterling silver, semi-precious stones, pearls and crystals to create pieces capturing the imagination. An alternative “fashion” range is assembled with metallic and natural components that make them unique. The accessory range comprises handbags, totes, wallets, and scarves.

What prides us, is not only that our designs are relevant, but that our range is ever evolving.

Why did you start perlu? 

We saw a gap in the jewellery market for affordable contemporary jewellery and the business has been operating locally for the last two years.

What was the inspiration for your current collection?

Recycled and plantation timbers were an imperative. The environment is so precious.

Colour trends are realised by adding  a pop to some pieces – coral, aqua, lime, etc.

In our silver collections the major reference is geometry which has influenced our “circles”, “rectangles”, and ‘zig zag” collections.

Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your background? 

We have strong retail design backgrounds and prior art and design study, combined with a genuine fashion interest.

What other designers are you into at the moment? 

Aurelie Beiderman, a French jewellery designer with a love of nature and colour whose work varies from direct floral influence to the use of materials as diverse as raffia and wood

What else are you inspired by right now? 

Fashion and the everyday. We can be inspired by a piece of architecture, a piece of art or a kid eating and ice cream. Industrial materials incorporated into fashion is always exciting.

Why do you want to come into SO:ME Space, and what are you hoping to get out of your time in the space? 

We want both exposure to and feedback from the clients who visit SO:ME Space, and hope to help hone and define our product development to meet their needs.

What was the professional highlight of your past year? What work are you most proud of?

We were commissioned by 213 yoga and apparel to do an exclusive silver bracelet and keyring for their collection

What advice do you have for people wanting to start their own store or label? 

Believe in yourself, know your customer and never give up.

What does the future hold for perlu? Where are you headed next? 

Who knows? Onward and upward. Listen to the customers, see what they respond to and deliver on their needs.

perlu are in SO:ME Space from 10 August to 2 October 2016.



perlu jewellery in SO:ME Space at South Melbourne Market

perlu jewellery in SO:ME Space at South Melbourne Market

perlu jewellery in SO:ME Space at South Melbourne Market

perlu jewellery in SO:ME Space at South Melbourne Market

perlu jewellery in SO:ME Space at South Melbourne Market

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